"If you think we’re obsessed with what’s under the napkin, behind the curtain or the numbered door, then you’re wrong."

— artist Rosa Aiello from her textual art piece "Being as Glass Eel."

How German activists made treehugging mainstream.

Teach Kids to Heal the Earth

To mend our culture and heal the earth, we must teach kids to learn from nature through careful mentorship

Film Review: Anita—Speaking Truth to Power

The recent doc is a powerful reminder of the change that can take place when one person speaks out, and how far we have come since 1991 in terms of gender equality: http://bit.ly/Zkvcyr

Beyond phasing out harmful fishing practices, Bali’s fishing communities have teamed up with Reef Check Indonesia and the Marine Foundation to install and nurture underwater sculptures designed to encourage reef regeneration. http://bit.ly/1fQmnwA

"Garments? You wear a shirt a few months and you throw it away. But I make you a baby? You keep that for life. I have made something so much bigger than anything I could ever make in the factory."

Indirani, a 30-year old garment worker and gestational surrogate mother in Bangalore, India, where being a surrogate mother is considered the best job a working-class woman there will ever have. 

Seeking the Spiritual Experience in Modern Society

Somewhere between modernity and religious tradition lies a middle road known as “reflexive spirituality” that pulls from pluralism, reflexivity, and modern society. Those who practice reflexive spirituality draw equally on religious traditions and traditions of reason in the pursuit of transcendent meaning.

Wealthier people naturally tend to favor the broadest, least restrictive private property rights, as these allow them to buy their way to the front of many kinds of lines. But in his book "Think Like a Commoner," David Bollier asks us to consider a different paradigm of social and moral order.

Under Your Skin

Skin is of course your body’s largest organ, but what are the functions of that organ? What happens within and under your skin? Leading dermatologist Dr. Robert Norman answers these questions in his book The Blue Man and Other Stories of Skin.

What Makes the American Empire Tick?

Can the American empire survive? In Decline and Fall, author John Michael Greer reasons that it cannot. Shedding new light on the misunderstood idea of empire and the costs of imperial overstretch, Greer shows how the U.S. has backed itself into a corner in the pursuit of political and economic power and explores the inevitable consequences of imperial collapse.