“The Swiss have mountains, so they climb. Canadians have lakes, so they canoe. The Australians have canyons, so they go canyoneering,  a hybrid form of madness halfway between mountaineering and caving in  which you go down instead of up, often through wet tunnels and narrow  passageways.”
A rival to the Booker Prize has been announced, sending the literary world into an uproar.
A black male feminist speaks out.
Finally, you can carry David Bowie in your wallet.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Ecuador, Antarctica, and more are the latest citizens of Google Maps’ growing empire of crowdsourced maps.
For all you typography junkies (you’re out there, right?), Kerntype offers a strangely addictive kerning game, in which you move the letters in words left or right to achieve even spacing and optimal readability.
One writer’s takeaway from South by Southwest Eco: We should care for the planet not because it makes economic sense, but because it’s the right thing to do.
Big Agriculture mounts a PR campaign to counter the side effects of Food Inc.
Let’s downsize Sprawlopolis by shifting property taxes to land dues.
Gibson Guitar hits a sour note with environmentalists as it cozies up to the Tea Party.
Murder City: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime offers a world map detailing homicide rates around the world.
An upstart newspaper files dispatched from the edge of capitalism. Introducing, the Occupied Wall Street Journal.
How do you get people to attend a reading? Host a Literary Death Match.
The big business of televised food is bigger than you think. The ice in a beverage, for example, might be made of acrylic and cost $500 a cube.
The decline and fall of America’s decline and fall.
Puff, puff, pour? Leave it to the gourmands to add marijuana to upscale beers and wines.
This new medical device is like a super soaker for the burn unit: It coats a burn victim’s wound with their own skin cells, allegedly healing the injury in days instead of weeks.
Snarky t-shirt or serious chic? A design writer for imprint teases out the difficulties of choosing what to wear to a protest.
What if Facebook developed a web browser to challenge Google?