The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest
Romance novels are the least stuck-up books in the world, almost never reviewed or discussed at a dinner party. One is supposed to be embarrassed to have a taste for them. And yet, The Awl reminds us, so many of us do….
Don’t be scared of Picasso and Pollock. New research shows that fear heightens your appreciation of abstract art.
Would food taste better if you kept it on the kitchen counter? The project Save Food from the Refrigerator finds alternative ways to keep food fresh.  
Experimental chefs in India have captured the taste of smog.
Artists can—and should—be ordinary, too.
It’s time, argues Strong Towns Blog, to start getting used to a world with no new streets.
A dispatch from an über-clandestine, global gathering of casino sharks and card counters.
“[T]he most recent Gallup surveys” writes Joel Kotkin, “[…  show] a remarkable correlation between the states and regions with the  highest proportion of childless women under 45–the best indicator of  offspring-free households—and the propensity to vote Democratic.”
Like Sherlock Holmes, with booze: The mystery of the Canadian whiskey fungus. 
Are there too many think tanks with too few original thoughts? Tevi Troy thinks so.
Transcending partisan rancor, lefty Ralph Nader and rightwing Bruce Fein provide a blueprint for a new kind of politics.
Big Think exposes the myth of the tortured writer and “the kind of single-minded devotion (to anything) that seems so at odds with our disposable culture.”

The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest

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