The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest
Don’t pity the renters.
Gingers unite! Celebrity redheads speak up for endangered orangutans.
A new theory asks: Did an optical illusion sink the Titanic?
This is what your brain sounds like: experimental musician Masaki Batoh turns brainwaves into spooky music.
Six things rich people need to stop saying, courtesy of
Comics get an official endorsement.
Hurrah for hacktivists! Operation Darknet forces more than 40 child pornography sites offline.
“Public service and the public imagination,” opines The Nation, “have been weaponized.”
Watch a 40-year time lapse of Las Vegas sprawling into the surrounding desert.
Find out how many companies are tracking your every online move with just a click.
Radioactive chandeliers (actually made from uranium) commemorate the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster after last year’s Japan-bound tsunami.

The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest

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