“Bow down bitches,” repeats Beyonce in the opening lines to her new song.

These egotistical, derogatory and offensive lyrics coming from the woman who only two years ago told us girls Run the World.

I thought you were our feminist pop heroine, Bey?


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“Who is Beyonce Calling a Bitch?” ok i’ll start

  • you
  • the lady who wrote this article

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White feminists are THE most willfully obtuse motherfuckers on the Internet. And sure this is huffpo whose journalism is akin to tmz at this point but like REALLY?

They were mad when Beyonce said girls run the world which was mostly a jam about taking power away from men by becoming financially independent which for a lot of women, particularly women of color, is a huge deal. White women can keep on babbling about glass ceilings and “equality” if they want, I don’t want to share a damn thing with white men.

Then they were mad at her for dancing in a leotard at the Super Bowl never mind Beyonce’s choreography is essentially calisthenics in stilettos - SHE NEEDS ROOM TO MOVE. Also whatever happened to body autonomy? Is that also a thing Black women aren’t allowed to participate in?

Then they were enraged that she would name her tour Mrs. Carter, selling her independence down the river! Not for a second pausing to think that 1. it’s a radical act of vulnerability (that black women are rarely afforded) to love another person that much and be unafraid to show it and 2. It’s one of the greatest (public) examples of (traditional, I know) modern day Black love other than say the Obamas.

So now Beyonce claps back with a teaser, not even an official single, telling all of them to hush and reaffirming her position as the one who is in control of her life (took some time to live my life, don’t think I’m just his little wife) and actually calls all of the catty bitches “bitches” which I think is GREAT. Being nice to assholes gets you nowhere so why even try? State your position and move on.

But I also think it’s interesting that white women automatically assumed this was for them - that everything woc do is for them. It reminds me of something Diana said, “I keep forgetting how much of the world’s experiences belong to white ladies for their own purposes.” If you stop assuming Bey is talking to you or making music for you (clearly she’s been on her black girl shit since Destiny’s Child) you wouldn’t be so upset when you don’t understand her message. Everything isn’t for you.


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flawless commentary.

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