The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest
Here’s a pretty distraction: a time-lapse video of Comet Lovejoy taken over South America’s Andes Mountains. As Kottke points out, it’s definitely worth watching through the last sequence.
“When the rallies happened in Tahrir Square,” wrote an Egyptian army officer in his personal journal, recently written about by The Guardian, “we would all receive a large bonus.”
Forget the Laundromat: these clothes need only sunshine to get clean.
Mario Kart can save your life.
We’ve been hearing a lot about the pointlessness of the Iowa  caucus and its unsophisticated voters. One Iowa native blasts back.  (Available in clean or saucy versions.)
Why are movie theaters losing their charm? Roger Ebert posits a few of their problems.  Price is one issue, of which he says: “No matter what your opinion is  about 3D, the charm of paying a hefty surcharge has worn off for the  hypothetical family of four.”
A brief consideration of the meteoric rise of queer studies.
“When Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type a  half-millennium ago,” writes Nicholas Carr, “he also gave us immovable  text.” According to him, e-books make literature both editable and collaborative—what amounts to the most drastic change to the book in centuries—for better or worse.
There is something intrinsically different between people who know one or a handful of languages and those that know eleven. Have you ever met a hyperpolyglot?
How a 1930s photographer turned writers into literary celebrities.
More red tape: As of the first of the year, New Hampshire girls under age 18 have to notify a parent or guardian at least 48 hours before they have an abortion.
Bellingham Review’s first online issue is now available.
Newt Gingrich’s mission is no longer seeking the Republican presidential nomination; it’s destroying Mitt Romney.

The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest

The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest
Ever wondered what would be on the personal playlists of Holden Caulfield or Elizabeth Bennet, Nancy Drew or Harry Potter, Jay Gatsby or Humbert Humbert? Flavorwire presents its literary mixtape series.
Alexander Tsiaras visualizes conception to birth in the span of a few minutes. Truly stunning.
Monsanto’s patented pest-resistant corn may be losing its magic.
Don’t forget to make a digital New Year’s resolution. Here’s why you should switch your web-hosting service.
The 20 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, in pictures.
If you’re too afraid to crawl through a dark, cramped cave (hey, we don’t blame you), you can get spelunking experience from the comfort of a pre-fabricated tube.
Why one historian decided to stop lecturing on the Holocaust.
Abdelrahman Al Ahmar, on how he became a so-called terrorist:  “Our homes were raided nightly, and we saw our friends, mothers,  sisters being attacked… . We saw no end in sight, just more Israelis  about to move into our neighborhood and make our lives hell.”
Making bike lanes out of litter to prove there is room to share the road.
In case you haven’t seen it yet, Mother Jones is serving up what they’re calling “Your Daily Newt,” delivering a moment from Newt Gingrich’s political career each day.

The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest

The Crockpot: A Weekly Link-Digest from Utne

Pop Quiz!


Which of the following groups and events does Newt Gingrich think will destroy America:

A.) Barack Obama

B.) Atheist Islamists

C.) Gay and secular fascists

D.) Disputed congressional elections

E.) The American Civil Liberties Union

F.) The secular-socialist machine

G.) All of the above.

Not many deets yet …

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